With computers and the internet, many people experience a few technical issues when doing some small tasks. I’m an electrician and an electrical instructor, not a professional computer nerd and website developer. Partnering with UDEMY gives me the freedom to pursue what I do best. I still work a full time job as a commercial electrician. I’ve also been working in more remote areas with less reliable access to the internet and shipping. UDEMY takes care of this for me. This page was created to help answer questions that typically arise from downloading and playing videos.

What is UDEMY?

Udemy is a provider of safe, fast and reliable educational streaming video. They stay on the leading edge of technology to always provide the customer with a safer, more stable and reliable checkout system, while at the same time offering more flexible payment options for you to choose from.

Why did you switch over to UDEMY?

I have learned a lot about website development since the inception of Hat Video, and now Electrician Basics.  It has been fun – and frustrating at times.  My aim has always been to give my students the best quality that I can.  That applies to lesson content and customer service.  Udemy is much more reliable on the technology side.  This allows me to concentrate my energy on the lesson content.  As I also mentioned, I still work full time as a commercial electrician and my job has taken me to some more remote areas recently.   I have just found some opportunities that I would like to explore in Brazil, Malaysia and the Philippines.  Partnering with Udemy allows me to take advantage of these opportunities.

How does the payment process work?

When you are at one of the Hat Video – Electrician Basics lessons on the Udemy website, you follow the simple instructions to purchase your lesson. Payment will be made to Udemy. Udemy will send you confirming email and access instructions for viewing your lesson. It is much like the way I used to do it, but Udemy has better technology and a safer more reliable delivery system.

Will I be able to watch the videos on my computer or device?

Each Hat Video – Electrician Basics lesson hosted on Udemy has some free video content. Use those videos to see for yourself. Udemy works hard to have all of their lessons available on all popular formats and devices.

If the Streaming Video won't play. what do I do?

If your internet connection gets interrupted before you finish watching one video chapter, or if you have had your video on pause for an extended period of time, you may not be able to access the next one. The most common solution is to refresh your browser and open the video clip again. You will need to log in to your account again if that doesn’t work.