Residential Wiring Methods – Make Up and Trim Work

While there are many books on this subject, they are often a bit confusing.  This lesson shows step by step diagrams, and then step by step practical application on how to wire plugs, switched plugs, GFI’s (and how to save money by protecting non GFI plugs), switches, dimmer switches, 3 way switches in a variety of set ups, 4 way switches; and includes important information on wiring safety. This lesson teaches you the principles so that you can confidently apply them to your situation.  With our innovative method You will be able to re-teach yourself if you forget how these things are done!!!   This video is designed for someone who wants to become a professional electrician, as well as someone who is interested in doing their own home wiring. It contains over 2 hours of thorough instruction on this important home wiring skill.  Please be advised that this lesson does not teach you how to Rough- In a house – which is to do the lay out and drilling, and pulling the Romex (roping).